Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you remember when Jupey had a bob? Popi misses it.

Outside the UCSF Library where Popi Writes His Book

The kids were curious to see the library where Popi goes every day to work on his novel, and they all agreed it was a great place. They were quiet and respectful on our tour, even when they say the display of 124 hand-blown glass eyeballs, each depicting and ocular deformity. When we left I realized the afternoon light off the Pacific was perfect for a couple pics.

Face Painting at the Cole Valle Festival

The Birthday Boy at Six

Here's James in his monster Luche-Libre mask he got on Olvera Street in LA on our trip back from Comicon in San Diego.

Monster Cups for James' Birthday

Instead of buying overpriced theme cups at a party store, James decorated his own monster cups for the pleasure of his birthday party goers.