Sunday, July 08, 2007

Koret Park reopens in San Francisco

Koret Park reopened, new and revamped, just a few blocks from our house. So we strolled down to see what the big new park was about. We passed many a street kid drug dealer on our way to a park which, because it's still under construction, closed at three. It's quite a fine park and we'll get much awesome use out of it. I just wish they sent the dealers home at three as well. Here's a snippet of conversation I caught passing two drug dealers:
Dealer 1: "Yeah, man, and then they ripped off his entire."
Dealer 2: "His entire?"
Dealer 1: "His entire."
James and Jupey have different reactions to our day in Golden Gate.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Great Moments in Child Rearing.

Great Moments in Parenting

First, of course, is the DVD Player we plied Jupey and Eleanor with to let us drink shots over dinner

Here's a video of said shots: a Car Bomb and a Sake Sumo
Notice how the kids watch, knowing some day soon they will follow our lead into adulthood

And Panhandle Park Fridays extends way beyond communal childcare. Sometimes is spreads to the Alembic, where proud papas Charles, Adam and Andy discuss their children over corrupting drinks called "Ward 8"

Beautiful Justice

I'm not forgetting that this beautiful little girl is the namesake of the blog, and the light of our lives.